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How to Decorate Your Home with Velvet

Three Methods:

Velvet is a fabric that has stood for luxury for centuries. It's still not a cheap fabric, but it's much more accessible than in the past. You can use it to add texture in the background to your home. You can also add touches of glam throughout your house and bedroom by using velvet as a main feature or accent.


Adding Velvet to the Background

  1. Go Victorian with velvet curtains.Curtains are a great way to add velvet to your space. Velvet will block out light well, making it a functional option. In addition, it can also lend a Victorian air to a room, depending on the style and color you go with.
    • If you want something more understated, choose white so the velvet doesn't stand out quite as much.
    • Velvet is a great insulator, so your curtains will help keep the cold or the warmth from seeping through your windows.
  2. Try velvet wallpaper for a luxe look.An even bolder choice than curtains is velvet wallpaper. Stick to a solid color if you want the effect to be more subtle. If you want it more bold, try a a velvet wallpaper with an interesting pattern. Your guests won't be able to resist touching it!
    • Avoid using velvet wallpaper or moisture-prone areas, like the kitchen or bathroom. Velvet is difficult to clean and repair, so it’s best used in areas with less traffic.
  3. Don't go overboard.Velvet is a rich fabric that can look luxurious and add texture to a room. However, it shouldn't be the only fabric you use, as it can easily be too much. Add other textures and fabrics to every room, as it will give the rooms more depth and interest.
    • Plus, since velvet is expensive, you can be kind to your wallet by not using it everywhere.
    • Using velvet as an accent creates a classy and glamorous feel.

Using Velvet Throughout the House

  1. Use velvet throw pillows or blankets for a hint of glamour.Using velvet in throw pillows or blankets is a great way to dip into this fabric without going overboard. A few pillows won't break the bank, and you can decide if you like the fabric or not. Plus, you can even do it yourself by making covers out of velvet for pillows you already have.
    • Even just a touch of velvet can make the whole room seem more sophisticated.
    • Another option is a velvet throw tossed over the arm of a couch.
    • Velvet comes in many colors and textures (like crushed velvet) so your options are limitless.
  2. Add it to the dining room for a luxurious accent.Another place to squeeze in a little velvet is in the dining room. Try covering your chair cushions in velvet for a luxurious effect. Alternatively, add velvet pillows to larger chairs, making them more comfy for your guests.
    • Alternatively, get a velvet runner in a rich, jewel-tone for your dining table.
  3. Go all-out with a velvet sofa.If you really love velvet, consider making it the focal point of your living room with a velvet sofa. The fabric feels great when you're lounging around, plus it's able to hide stains fairly easily. All-in-all, it can add a whole lot of glam to your space without you having to give up comfort.
    • Keep in mind, though, that velvet is not a great fabric to have around kids. Because it has a nap, it will hold onto things like peanut butter and other sticky spills.
    • Velvet is a timeless fabric that matches various styles from high-luxury to casual eclectic.
  4. Add an accent chair if you just want a hint of velvet.An accent chair in velvet can make a statement without being quite as overwhelming as a full sofa in velvet. Plus, a high-backed armchair in velvet lends a classy air to the room, as it's a truly traditional look. In fact, if you find an old, much-loved armchair, you can have it reupholstered in your favorite color of velvet.
    • If an accent chair is too much, consider just an ottoman or other small piece in velvet.

Using Velvet in the Bedroom

  1. Add a velvet bed skirt for a traditional look.One place to add velvet is around the base of your bed. Alternatively, cover a box springs or base in velvet for a more contemporary, clean look. Either way, the velvet will add a touch of sophistication.
    • As an added bonus, you may not need a frame if you cover your box springs in velvet. The velvet will give it a clean, finished look.
  2. Use a velvet headboard as a statement piece.A headboard is a great place to use velvet. It's a soft fabric that creates a comfortable, yet luxurious look. Plus, it makes a statement in your bedroom without covering the whole room in velvet, which can be a little overwhelming.
  3. Put velvet blankets or pillows on your bed for added comfort and style.A velvet throw at the foot of the bed can add a pop of color. Alternatively, you can use a few velvet throw pillows to accent your bed or a chair in the room. Both add just enough velvet to the room without drawing too much attention to the fabric.
  4. Incorporate velvet accents to add sophistication.You can also use velvet in accent furniture to add glamour to your space. Opt for velvet lampshades or a velvet-cushioned bench at the foot of your bed. Just be sure to choose a color that complements the rest of your room.

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