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The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her 2019

So you’re in need of a Valentine’s Day gift, which means at some point you did something right. You followed our , the hair was on point, you didn’t overdo it on the aftershave and you pulled. Huzza! But that doesn’t mean the hard work is over, dear reader.

The relationship assault course is littered with the bodies of men who fell at this crucial hurdle by blindly feeling their way through a department store make-up counter. Fortunately, we’ve got your back with the best Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t a crappy box of chocolates.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume

Every woman is unique, but fortunately for those who’ll be buying Valentine’s Day gifts, they do share a few common traits. One, unsurprisingly, is that they have noses and as such tend to like things that smell good. So save on the guesswork and snap up a fragrance like Yves Saint Laurent’s best-selling Black Opium perfume. Eau she’ll love it.

Ted Baker Salia Tassel Detail Leather Bag

It’s no secret that females can be an enigmatic bunch. But one thing that doesn’t take much decoding is that most of them like handbags. Like, really like handbags. This insatiable lust for light luggage creates the perfect window for you to earn some brownie points with a bag-shaped romantic gesture. This eye-catching orange example is guaranteed to go down a treat.

Assouline Chanel Book Set

Chanel No.5 hasn’t been a bad shout for Forced Romanc… sorry, Valentine’s Day, since it hit shelves nearly 100 years ago. But the stuff keeps on trucking, so instead, opt for this set of three hardback books which chart the iconic style of 20th-century designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. Because that new book smell is just as good.

Le Specs Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

You don’t need to look outside to know it’s still properly winter in the northern hemisphere. However, as A-Listers and people with hangovers will attest to, sunglasses are so much more than a one-season accessory. Aside from damaging UV rays being year-round, helping your other half get ahead of the game will save you from being dragged shopping in spring. Nice work.

Paperchase Floral Phone Case

Given that it’s now completely normal for a mobile phone to set you back several months’ rent, it’s little wonder protecting it becomes priority number one. Help keep her tech tip-top while also giving it a visual upgrade with this flowery option. You’re pretty much guaranteed to come up smelling of roses.

OPI Malaga Wine Nail Polish

To us men, nail polish may not seem like the most exciting gift in the world, but ask a woman, and you’ll no doubt hear an altogether different story. This deep, dark shade of red practically has romance and passion written all over it. What could be a more fitting gift for Valentine’s Day?

Wahl Iconic Chrome Hair Dryer

With all the ongoing advancements in technology, coupled with the desire of electronics companies to stay one step ahead of the competition, it’s become something of a challenge to find a hair dryer that doesn’t require a PhD in engineering to operate. Save her a fortune in course fees and studying hours by buying her one of the most solid, basic and iconic hair dryers the world has ever known.

Topshop Faux Fur Bobble Hat

Few things are as romantic as taking your Valentine’s Day activities outside (easy), but nothing kills the mood quite like frostbite. Plan ahead for a walk in the park by buying her this faux fur bobble hat, which will still be a sound investment the next time winter rolls round

MAC All-In-One Brow Kit

While you yourself may not be particularly well-versed in the intricacies of slap, the good people over at MAC certainly are. So long as you steer clear of foundation or anything else that needs to be matched to her skin tone, you really can’t go far wrong here. If you’re still struggling to decide, we’d suggest this all-in-one eyebrow kit. An on-fleek choice, if we do say so.

Marc Jacobs Cardholder

Providing she hasn’t spent it all on a lavish gift for you, the lady in your life always needs somewhere to stow her cash. Thanks to plastic, cumbersome purses need no longer apply. So keep things current with a sleek cardholder, like this one from professional smile-raiser Marc Jacobs. A name she’ll definitely recognise and love.

Larsson & Jennings Lugano 26mm Rose Gold Watch

There’s no one that doesn’t benefit from an elegant timepiece as a gift on Valentine’s Day. No longer will calls for the shower to be vacated be met with cries of “sorry, I’ll be another 15 minutes yet, I didn’t realise the time”, and she’ll get a shiny new watch. Everyone’s a winner.

Framed Breakfast At Tiffany’s Poster

If you’ve heard the word “Tiffany’s” being muttered by your partner in recent weeks, there are some big expectations this Valentine’s Day. To swerve any sizeable bank dents, act the fool and buy this framed poster of one of the most stylish films of all time:Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Phew.

Moleskine Notepad

A diary, shopping lists, writing love letters, drafting divorce terms. The sheer number of things a notepad can be used for is enormous, and it’s something that no man or woman should be without. All jokes aside, this versatile tool makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for the wordsmith in your life. Whatever she uses it for, this isn’t the sort of gift that will get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about.

Hand-Tied Roses

Roses on Valentine’s Day may be a bit of a cliché – okay, a lot of a cliche – but that doesn’t mean women don’t still want to receive them. A carefully selected bunch is a classic romantic gesture, and the good folk at Interflora will arrange them way better than you ever could using flowers from the garden that you hacked up with the kitchen scissors. Trust us, we know.

Chan Luu Tasselled Gold Earrings

Even the most hairy-arsed, beer-swilling, football-loving, wood-working man’s man should be able to recognise that this is one seriously nice set of earrings. And if you’re sold on them, imagine what your significant other will think. Just make sure she actually has her ears pierced before you go splashing your cash. Otherwise, you could be out of pocket and in for a rather awkward Valentine’s Day.

Victoria’s Secret Mesh-Detail Slip

Make this the year you swallow your fear and brave the lingerie section alone. Just remember to give the customary nod and grimace of acknowledgement to any other lost souls you happen to make eye contact with (we’re all in the same boat, after all). Alternatively, you could save yourself the trauma and buy your (and by ‘your’ we mean ‘her’) lingerie online. Not quite as courageous though, is it?

Kurt Geiger Mid-Heel Peep-Toe Ankle Boots

Unless you’re utterly hopeless, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that many women have a certain fondness for footwear. If you’re not utterly hopeless, then you’ve probably already figured out that this fondness makes a pair of shoes an excellent option when it comes to buying presents. Opt for a pair from Kurt Geiger and you’ve bought yourself a one-way ticket to gratitude city, population: you.

Neom Organics Tranquillity Scented Candle

Can’t afford a romantic spa break? Fear not. Recreate the relaxation of a luxurious and calming pampering session at home by firing up this specially formulated de-stressing candle from Neom Organics. It might not be quite as lavish, but it’s the best you’re going to do for £16.


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